Mixed Feelings | Week 3

14th September- 20th September 2015

This week was an interesting one to say the least. A very interesting one.

I suppose that I should probably try and keep it as chronological as possible. I’ve gotten back into the full routine of getting up early, going to school, coming home, doing homework, going to sleep only to wake up the following morning to repeat the process. As weird as it may sound, I do like routine. Obviously I am nowhere near enthusiastic to have to go to school the next day (especially on Sundays) but I suppose that it could be worse. Everything could be worse.

That brings me onto my next topic? Item of interest this week? Idk what to call it. Anyways, it’s most definitely something that is worth typing about. The Syrian refugee crisis. Yes the refugee crisis. No, not the migrant crisis. THE REFUGEE CRISIS.

Refugee: noun
“A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster”.
Migrant: noun
“A person who moves from one place to another in order to find work or better living conditions”.

Now that we have established the difference between a refugee and a migrant, what can be done? I am a European citizen who quite frankly is quite ashamed to be part of this society that isn’t working to the best of it’s ability to help these people. Yes, we have poor and homeless of our own. But is that a valid reason why we shouldn’t be accepting these refugees into our country? I think not. And it’s not just Europe that could up it’s game. Many other countries could help more. In saying that, there are numerous countries who are helping more than the wealthier, more developed countries are. Knowing that restores some faith in humanity.

If we were ever to be in a similar crisis would you like it if other countries were hesitant to help us?

On Friday I watched the same video by John Green in three different classes. Being a 6th year student who’s sitting my Leaving Cert in a couple of months, it’s not that often that we watch YouTube videos. Doesn’t that within itself say enough? This crisis is worth our time.

In Geography we also watched another video relating to the topic, a very facts based video.

Both videos are definitely worth a watch.

So I said that I as going to try and keep this chronological but I’ve already messed that up completely. On Wednesday I went to Higher Options which was very insightful. As of currently I’m stuck between four different courses, in four different universities. I think that I have a fair idea as to which ones I prefer the most but I want to look into a bit more before I start making any serious decisions. I also got the opportunity to see some of my friends that I don’t get to see that often so that was nice as well.

I have been productive-ish this week to say the least. I was writing out Chemistry notes the other day and one thing that really annoys me is that I can only have one Google Drive account thing open at a time. I have a school email which some teachers use to upload notes to but I have to open it in a different browser as Google won’t allow me to open to different accounts at one time and I’m not in the mood to have to log in and out each time.

I also updated my iPod to iOS9 today and it may or may not be one of the worst decisions of my life. Since I updated it my, iPod has done weird things on two occasions. The first time the whole screen was unresponsive except for the assistive touch and the second time the screen was just blank and it looked as if it was dead but it was still working. I had to force restart it on both occasions and I seriously hope that it’s not going to become a daily thing…

This week I also started reading (and finished) a new book called “Lieve Mama” by Esther Verhoef. It’s a Dutch book and it was different to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend that you read it… Well if you can read Dutch that is.

This week (well today to be exact), Dublin bet Kerry in the All- Ireland Football Final in Croke Park. My Dad even managed to make it onto live television with his banner! Check out my Tweet to see a picture of that (I’m too lazy to save it to my laptop and to insert it into this post).

Oh I nearly forgot to include my oh so very important countdown timer thingy. 37 weeks seriously doesn’t come across as a lot.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 20.15.35

This week was a busy, productive, tiring week. Oh I also got my hair cut on Saturday so I have no more split ends which makes me happy. It’s the little things in life. Week 4, come at me bro.

Don’t Be A Sheep, Be Unique.

~ Orla