Lawl | Week 5

28th September- 4th October 2015

This was a good week.

I had no school on Monday which was a good thing. We got our CAO Handbooks on Friday which led to me being even more confused about next years options than I already was, that wasn’t a good thing.

This weekend was good too. Me sads that it’s over. *insert crying emoji here*

I have homework that needs doing. This blog post is the shortest one yet. Out of the 160 words in this blog post I’ve said ‘good’ five times. That’s a good thing I guess. Six times.

Have a good week 6. Seven times. Snow White had seven dwarves. Unfortunately none of them were called good. Eight times.

*insert countdown thing here*

Using pictures that I like is going to be my new approach to “oh Orla what should be the feature image, oh idk”. They may be irrelevant but I like ’em so yeah, so be it.

Don’t Be A Sheep, Be Unique.

~ Orla


No No No No | Week 4

21st September- 27th September 2015


This week has been stressful in a non stressful way as well as very tiring. I’ve had a cough all week which as started to get really annoying but it could most definitely be worse. For example I could be in hospital right now, like my little sister is.

My little sister has been sick all week and it started off with a trachea infection. After 5 days of antibiotics, really high temperatures and numerous doctor visits she was sent to hospital where they discovered that she has pneumonia. I went to visit her yesterday and all that I can say is that hospitals aren’t as bad as the stereotypes make them out to be. I even thought that the hospital food was nice. As far as I’m aware she gets to come home tomorrow which is great. Even though we fight and have arguments on a daily basis, we do get on quite well. As mad as it may sound, but I do really miss her. Sisterly love.

I usually make short notes and whatever not in relation to what I did this week but I can’t make any sense of the notes so yeah. One of the things that I wrote down says “nothing?”. So I suppose, I did nothing this week? Which coming to think of it is actually kinda true..

This week has basically consisted of school stuff. We had our school mass on Thursday which was combined with Mercy Day. The school mass is nice whether you’re religious or not as it brings the whole school together as one. It’s kinda weird to think that that was my last school mass, but I guess that everything comes to an end at some stage.

On Thursday we had a Parents’ Night in Scouts and I was amazed by how many parents, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts showed up. It was by far one of our most successful parents’ nights, minus the technical difficulties. We always seem to have technical difficulties which is actually quite annoying but you get used to it after all while. Thanks to everyone who came by and contributed.

Every Friday in English we have a ‘language class’ which is basically just anything to do with Paper One. This week we were doing it on feature articles. At one stage during the class my teacher says “oh Orla you have a blog don’t you? What’s it called?” (or something along those lines) and my reaction was “no no no no”. Which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best response but oh well. If anyone in my English class was mad enough to go searching for this blog (with it’s oh so very unique name), hi. I’m sorry to have disappointed you.

One thing that makes me happy is that I have no school tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really mind school that much as it structures life into a routine n’all that but I do enjoy my lie ins. Funnily enough I always seem to wake up really early in the weekends which isn’t much of a lie in but you get my point.

This countdown timer thing is actually starting to get on my nerves as it’s not the most friendliest of reminders. I started this 4 weeks ago, the countdown has gone from 40 to 36 (that’s a great example of honours maths for you). It’s going to continue counting down and before I know it it’ll have hit 0.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 19.57.25

I’m really starting to miss some of my friends. Friends that I don’t get to see very often. It makes me wonder if I saw these friends everyday if I’d still like them as much as I do. Skype is always an easy way to talk to people and keep up with what’s happening in their lives (bearing in mind that Twitter and Facebook do the same but I’d like to think that actually talking to people with voices is nice too from time to time). Which reminded me of the time I was in One Direction with my friends.

I was thinking that maybe I should take more pictures during the week of whatever happens to insert into these posts but meh. Also, I should probably post a non whatever this ‘series’ is called post every once in a while. I’m actually surprised that I’ve lasted this weekly blogging thing this long. My memory is so bad, I can’t remember how to end these blog posts. Eh, goodbye I guess? Adios. Tschüß. Au Revoir. Ciao. Slán. Doei. Bye.

Don’t Be A Sheep, Be Unique.

~ Orla

Another One of My Great Ideas

Hi. Sup. Hey. How does one start a blog properly? Who knows (well a lot of people probably know but I don’t, as you can probably see).

Firstly, may I just state that I spent actual time and effort in making this blog so that I can actually tolerate it. If you haven’t noticed there is a little white arrow thing at the top of the page. When you press the arrow this drop down page thingy with like different things pops up onto the screen and yeah. You can find different pages there such as the about page and the contact me page (I think that one calls them ‘pages’ but I could be completely wrong). I’d much appreciate it if you could try to stay as positive as possible, and if you have any constructive feedback please contact me and let me know. I’d love to know what your opinions and thoughts are (if you feel the need to be mean, please try to be mean subtly). Otherwise I may end up crying myself to sleep. You wouldn’t want that, or would you?

Secondly, I honestly have no idea what I shall be blogging about. As you cIdeasan probably tell by now, this is by no means going to be a formal blog. I am quite in favour of the colloquialism that’s going on so please don’t start commenting on my constant use of ‘thingy’ and ‘like’ and whatever not (see I did it again unintentionally). This is my blog and I shall write (well type) in whatever way pleases me and I shall type about whatever I want (but you can always leave suggestions and stuff).

Thirdly, níl a fhios agam how often I shall be ‘blogging’. As you more than likely know, I also make the odd YouTube video. I haven’t had the motivation/ time to film and edit many videos recently so I guess that blogging is yet another platform for me to talk, rant and express my opinions on.

Fourthly, this firstly, secondly, thirdly and fourthly thing is starting to get annoying. I apologise in advance if I start using phrases, abbreviations or just words that only I understand. I’m half Irish and half Dutch so I may accidentally throw in  cúpla woorden in Irish or Dutch or maybe even German if I’m feeling adventurous.

This is only my first blog post and I’ve already started confusing myself which isn’t a good sign… On that slightly confusing note, I shall leave you in peace. I hope to share more with you and thou can come on the journey of ‘how does Orla’s brain function?’ with me. Who this ‘you’ is whom I’m referring to is unknown but I’m sure that all will be revealed with time.

Don’t Be A Sheep, Be Unique.

~ Orla

“Níl a fhios agam”: Irish for “I don’t know”.

“Cúpla woorden”: “Couple of words”.

– “Cúpla”: Irish for “couple”

– “Woorden”: Dutch for “words”.