Another One of My Great Ideas

Hi. Sup. Hey. How does one start a blog properly? Who knows (well a lot of people probably know but I don’t, as you can probably see).

Firstly, may I just state that I spent actual time and effort in making this blog so that I can actually tolerate it. If you haven’t noticed there is a little white arrow thing at the top of the page. When you press the arrow this drop down page thingy with like different things pops up onto the screen and yeah. You can find different pages there such as the about page and the contact me page (I think that one calls them ‘pages’ but I could be completely wrong). I’d much appreciate it if you could try to stay as positive as possible, and if you have any constructive feedback please contact me and let me know. I’d love to know what your opinions and thoughts are (if you feel the need to be mean, please try to be mean subtly). Otherwise I may end up crying myself to sleep. You wouldn’t want that, or would you?

Secondly, I honestly have no idea what I shall be blogging about. As you cIdeasan probably tell by now, this is by no means going to be a formal blog. I am quite in favour of the colloquialism that’s going on so please don’t start commenting on my constant use of ‘thingy’ and ‘like’ and whatever not (see I did it again unintentionally). This is my blog and I shall write (well type) in whatever way pleases me and I shall type about whatever I want (but you can always leave suggestions and stuff).

Thirdly, níl a fhios agam how often I shall be ‘blogging’. As you more than likely know, I also make the odd YouTube video. I haven’t had the motivation/ time to film and edit many videos recently so I guess that blogging is yet another platform for me to talk, rant and express my opinions on.

Fourthly, this firstly, secondly, thirdly and fourthly thing is starting to get annoying. I apologise in advance if I start using phrases, abbreviations or just words that only I understand. I’m half Irish and half Dutch so I may accidentally throw in  cúpla woorden in Irish or Dutch or maybe even German if I’m feeling adventurous.

This is only my first blog post and I’ve already started confusing myself which isn’t a good sign… On that slightly confusing note, I shall leave you in peace. I hope to share more with you and thou can come on the journey of ‘how does Orla’s brain function?’ with me. Who this ‘you’ is whom I’m referring to is unknown but I’m sure that all will be revealed with time.

Don’t Be A Sheep, Be Unique.

~ Orla

“Níl a fhios agam”: Irish for “I don’t know”.

“Cúpla woorden”: “Couple of words”.

– “Cúpla”: Irish for “couple”

– “Woorden”: Dutch for “words”.


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